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20 Ways to Use Old, Mismatched Socks

For ages, man has tried to solve the problem of mismatched socks. No matter what, it seems when a perfectly good pair of socks go into the laundry basket…only one of them make it out of the dryer. While this mysterious disappearance can be pretty annoying, we’ve got 20 ideas of what you *could* do with those lonely socks instead of just throwing them away!

Two feet with mismatched socks

1) Dusting Mitts

Put one or both hands inside a sock and go to town dusting hard-to-reach places like blinds, the back of the tv, the baseboards, ceiling fan blades and more!

2) Shoe Protectors

Keep your shoes protected in the closet and while traveling by placing them inside of a sock. 

3) Pet Toy

Take two socks. Put tennis balls in the toe portion of each sock then tie or sew ends together.

4) Soap holder

Put a bar of soap inside a sock to make it less slippery and give your hands and body a better scrub!

5) Car Washing Mitt

Use to clean rims and other tiny, hard-to-reach places on your car’s interior and exterior.

6) Glasses holder

Keep your glasses from dust and debris while traveling by placing them inside a sock.

7) Potpourri Sachet

Fill an old, clean sock with potpourri and tie/ sew the end shut. Stick it in a closet, hamper, or drawer to keep it fresh.

8) Furniture Protectors

Place socks on the bottom of chairs or table legs to keep them from scratching during a big move…or all the time to protect wood floors.

9) Hot/ Cold Drink Holder

Cut 4”-5” off of a thicker sock, sew or glue unfinished ends for a cleaner look and slip onto drink container.

10) Pin Cushion

Stuff one sock with several other socks then just tie or sew the end shut.

11) Aroma Therapy Eye Mask

Fill your sock with rice and the essential oil of your choice, such as lavender or chamomile. Then, tie or sew end securely. Place over your forehead and eyes for a relaxing spa feel!

12) Foot & Hand Softener

Rubs hands and/ or feet with a generous amount of lotion. Then place socks over top overnight for smooth skin in the morning.

13) Cool Pack Cover

Cover ice packs to make them more tolerable on bare skin. This will let you get the benefits without the freezing burn.

14) DIY Heated Compress

Fill a sock with uncooked rice, then tie off open end. Heat in microwave for 2-4 minutes, check to make sure compress is warm–NOT TOO HOT and place on sore muscles to relieve pain.

15) Dry Erase/ Chalkboard Eraser

No more wasting paper towels. Use a sock to wipe marker or chalkboard clean!

16) Polishing Rags/ Mitt

Use old socks to polish shoes or tarnished silver items. Put your hand inside a sock and use appropriate polish..or buff with a dry sock.

17) Leg/ Arm Warmer

Cut off toe section of socks for instant leg warmers. For arm warmers, cut a small hole for your thumb. Mix and match for a unique look!

18) Draft Stopper

Cut the toes from several socks (use the length of a door to measure), then sew them together in a long tube shape. Stuff with batting…or more socks and place at the bottom of a drafty door or window.

19) DIY Odor Eaters

Keep your shoes from having that “stinky foot” smell by filling a thick woven sock with 1/2 cup baking soda. Tie open end securely and place inside athletic shoes when they're not being worn.

20) Non-Skid Slippers

Place sock over a soda can or beer bottle (don’t use plastic as it will melt) use hot glue gun to draw lines/ squiggles on sock bottoms. Let hot glue dry before removing. Thick socks work best.


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