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5 Reasons Laundry Care is the PERFECT Mother’s Day Gift

Young daughter giving mother a handmade card with a heart on the front.
Mom deserves a gift sent with love.

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and it’s time to make mom feel extra special. Wanna know what moms everywhere really want?-A BREAK from Laundry duty! To prove it, we’ve come up with five reasons why your mom would love to receive the gift of laundry service from Laundry Care.

Take it Off Her To-Do List

As rewarding as it may be, being a mom truly is one of the most difficult jobs around, which means that free time is a real TREAT. Laundry only takes away more time, which is why your mom shouldn’t have it on her to-do list. Give mom back the free time] she deserves, and the family time that everyone wants.

Reduce Her Stress

When the laundry is done, her stress is reduced because the laundry baskets and hampers are empty. [By giving your mom laundry service] for Mother’s Day, she will be able to sit back and relax after a long day, instead of feeling the anxiety of dirty laundry piling up in hampers and clean laundry needing to be folded and put away.

Lighten Her Mental Load

When mom feels more organized because of the laundry is done, she’ll become more active and relaxed overall. Mother’s Day is all about relaxing, which means that laundry service from Laundry Care is the perfect option to [give your mom the gift of happiness!


Want to get Mom a gift she'll LOVE?

Mother and daughter sitting down in yoga pose while  meditating

Let Her Relax

Laundry Care service is the gift that keeps on giving! Instead of a temporary bouquet of flowers or one-time use bath bombs, or a box of chocolates-relieve mom’s laundry burden for weeks, months, or even a year with regular weekly or biweekly service options!

Give Her Time Off

Laundry is not only a difficult chore, but it can be extremely tedious for one person to do alone. Give mom a break from sorting it into loads, scrubbing the stains, folding it all nice & neat, and more. After all the hard work your mom does, a laundry break is the [perfect present to give to her] this Mother’s Day!

Mother and Daughter laughing and hugging
Give Mom a break with a Laundry Care gift card!

Let us take away your Mother’s Day stress and purchase a Laundry Care e-gift card today. Order one today and we can deliver it right to mom’s inbox on Mother’s Day!


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