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8 Laundry Helpers You NEED to Try!

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We love trying all kinds of products to see which ones make doing the laundry easier. Here's list of our absolute favorites that we think you should try.

Shout Color Catchers

Color Catchers will save you time and allow you to do less loads of laundry, saving you money! I’ve tested these by washing new red and white wash cloths at the same time. No color transfer thanks to color catchers. They have an added bonus of collecting excess dirt from seeping back into your clean clothes during the wash cycle. Bonus tip: Cut the sheets in half to make each box last longer. They’ll work just as well and save money in the process!

Downy Unstopables

If you like that clean laundry smell that lingers in the laundry room, Downy Unstopables are for you! Throw a scoop directly into the washer with each load and your clothes will keep that lovely scent for weeks on until you’re ready to wear them again. Bonus tip: you don’t need to use an entire capful per load. I generally use 1/2 a capful or less. Experiment with different amounts to see how much you’ll need for the results you like. Word of caution: these work best in loads washed in warm or hot water. The pellets don’t dissolve as well in cold water. To use with a cold cycle, partially dissolve a scoop in a glass container filled with warm water and then add the liquid directly into the washer.

Downy offers 3-4 “flavors” so be sure to give each a quick sniff before you commit. I LOVE the “Fresh” scent. It’s what I think laundry should smell like. Judge for yourself and choose what works best for you.

Side Note: You can find special discounts on these and other scent boosters at Target about once per month. Keep an eye out for a good deal.

Mean Green

Ever have trouble removing blood stains or sweaty smells from clothing? Mean Green to the rescue! And guess what else? It’s eco friendly, too! Add 1/2-1 full cup of along with detergent per load. Mean Green also works wonders on cloth diapers without toxic, allergenic or harsh chemicals. Just be sure to read the ingredients to judge that for your own situation! You’ll find it in the cleaning aisle near the all-purpose cleaners. Snag a gallon for less than $5 and give it a try!

Purple Power

When handling grease or oil heavy laundry, Purple Power is my “go-to” addition. It’s gentle on fabrics, yet able to handle HEAVY oil-based stains and smells AND reasonably priced. In my experience, the best place to find a supply of Purple Power is the automotive section at Wal-Mart.


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Collapsible Baskets

I love having several laundry baskets but hate the space conventional basket waste. The solution? Collapsible laundry baskets. Now I have plenty of baskets for sorting, transporting and “holding” for my laundry queue. When not in use the baskets fit in the tiny space between the washer and dryer. They’re especially helpful for getting each family members’ folded laundry back to their respective rooms.

Aluminum Foil Ball

Did you know a small ball of aluminum foil can eliminate static? Shocking, right?! [see what I did there?] As your clothes tumble and collide in the dryer heat, they build a negative charge. A foil balls helps release the charge.

Dawn Dish Soap

Dishwashing liquid works great on dishes…same on clothing. I prefer dawn but any dish soap [without lotion or vitamin E or aloe] will help, particularly with food and grass stains. It can also help with those tough grease or oil-based stains. I love to use dawn as a stain pre-treatment. Word of caution: Be sure to use just a few drops per load. This is especially important for HE machines and front-loaders. More than that may cause excessive sudsing.


Have you tried any of the laundry helpers on our list? We’d love to hear what you like to use for an easier laundry day! Let us know in the comments!

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