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8 Reasons EVERY Massage Therapist Needs Commercial Laundry Service (and how to afford it)

Male Massage Therapist gently massaging woman's back

The massage business just like any other conventional business is accompanied by operating costs, which are necessary to keep the doors open and get the customers to come around. These costs range from rents, insurance, Website/Marketing to Taxes/CPA/Bookkeeping to Professional associations membership costs, Professional License as well as contingency expenses.

Looking at the cost profile of the average massage business, you can tell that just like any other savvy business, savvy massage businesses are always looking to keep costs to the barest minimum, cutting as much as is necessary.

In a bid to keep costs to a minimum and increase net profit, massage businesses take up more responsibilities and reduce outsourcing. One of such responsibilities is the laundry of massage sheets, and other massage materials. But are these businesses actually cutting costs by doing their laundry instead of outsourcing it to a commercial laundry service?

Statistics show that the average Massage Therapy business invests between ten to fifteen hours weekly (approximately seven hundred and eighty hours a year), doing laundry. That means we spend a full month on the task. Also note that this statistic does not take into consideration bodyworkers. Now for bodyworkers that would be double the average. That translates to two full months of your year in laundry activities! And even if you do not use much linens in your business, you are still investing a solid month on laundry activities yearly.

There's a popular maxim that says "time is money", if that holds true, then it means you might be on the losing side by doing your laundry yourself. Why should you have a commercial wash and fold service take do your laundry?

1. More Time

By outsourcing your laundry to a commercial wash and fold service, you free yourself of a task that takes up at least a month in a year and invest it in business development, increasing your bottom line, and spending more time with family and friends. Also, since you have more time to invest in business development, more money accrues to you than you would have saved doing your laundry yourself.

2. Cleaner Laundry

Machines used by commercial wash and fold service ensures you get cleaner laundry. Cleaner laundry enhances the quality of your massage sessions and can even boost your referral loop. Increased referral means more money accrues to your bottom line, much more than you would have saved doing your laundry yourself.

3. Enhanced Mental Health

Letting a commercial laundry service take over your laundry needs, allows you let go of a task we all despise. This enhances your mental and physical energy, increasing the enjoyment you derive from life. Increased mental energy also means enhanced creativity, more focus and increased attention to the details that induces business growth and expansion.

4. More Income

f you are doing your laundry yourself then you aren't saving money. However, you would be losing money over the long run. Doing your laundry also means increase in gas, water and electricity rates. When your consider the increase in utility bills and lost time that could have been invested in boosting your bottom line, then you can tell that you are certainly losing money over the long run.

5. Better Health

Outsourcing your laundry go a commercial wash and fold service will save your body from the wear and tear that would have resulted from doing your laundry yourself. Massage services are demanding and sessions can be difficult, adding laundry to your strenuous schedule is definitely not a wise path to good health. A commercial laundry service saves your body from increased strain that could lead to a breakdown.

6. Boosting the Local Economy

By outsourcing your laundry needs, you are actively involved in the economic development of your community. This translates to a better society, more jobs and better living conditions.

7. Customized Ordering

Engaging the services of a reputable laundromat will lead to a customized order, even to small details such as dimensions of folding, making them neatly fit into your storage spaces.

8. Personal Development

Outsourcing your laundry leaves you more time for engaging in personal and professional development, which has the potential of boosting your reputation.

By now you can tell that doing your laundry yourself does not increase your bottom line and may even be hurting your business over the long run. You might also have figured that the rise in utility bills and health risks actually torpedo your efforts.

You can also tell that outsourcing means more time for business development, family and friends, enhanced mental and physical energy and even makes you an active part of the local economy. If you are already thinking of ways to afford it, then the following ideas should help you reach a decision:

Ready to take laundry off your list and increase your Massage Therapy Business? Laundry Care can help!

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