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Choose the TOP Laundry Service in San Antonio

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Looking for a laundry solution in San Antonio? You’ve come to the right place! San Antonio Laundry Care is your local, laundry pickup and delivery service. We provide convenient, affordable wash and fold service for both residences and businesses alike. Your garments will be cleaned with the utmost care and attention, EXACTLY AS YOU LIKE.

Use the Laundry Care Mobile App

Getting laundry done and delivered in San Antonio is even easier than ordering a pizza from Dominos. Just download the app, chose a time for your laundry pickup, and put your dirty laundry bags out on the porch. We'll take care of the rest!

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Laundry Care service ALWAYS includes:

San Antonio Laundry Care Service

Laundry Care serves both residential and commercial clients all over the San Antonio areas according to their specific needs. Plus, our flat bag rate and no-hassle pricing will keep your budget on track.

Laundry Care delivery vehicle parked near bags of clean laundry

How to Get Laundry Done in San Antonio, TX

  1. SIGN-UP: Create an account on our website and download the Laundry Care mobile app available in the App Store and on Google Play.

  2. SCHEDULE: Select a day/time for your pickup & delivery from the available list.

  3. PICK-UP & DELIVERY: We’ll pick up your laundry on time and bring it back clean, fresh and folded.

San Antonio Laundry Delivery Service

Laundry Care laundry service offers convenient, personalized wash and fold laundry service at a price that fits your budget. Just select a laundry pickup day/ time, tell us your laundry preferences and we’ll pick up your dirty laundry and return it clean, fresh, folded exactly as requested, right to your door in 48 hours or less. Getting the laundry done has never been so easy!

Customized Laundry Service Options

Do you have a special request for some or even all of your order? We're happy to fulfill your request! Our laundry pros can provide extra services outside standard wash & fold such as delicate/hand washing, air drying, and stain treatment. We want to make sure your laundry receives the best care and attention.


For more information or to sign-up for service visit Laundry Care’s local San Antonio, TX laundry service page here.


Ready to Schedule Your Laundry Pickup?

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