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How to Automate Your Vacation Rental Cleaning

Stack of folded white towels

You’ve decided to become a VRBO or Airbnb host. It will bring in that added income! It’s going to be great!

When you get your first guest booking and still have that sense of adventure and excitement for your new money-making venture. You clean and prepare as if a new baby is coming home. This lovely little nesting period is super exciting. You read up on how to make it perfect for your guests and everything in between. And, it’s time for the unveiling.

You come back after the first rental and there is spaghetti sauce all down the front of the cabinets, the ants have moved in and what on Earth did they do to that Bathroom? It looks like a mass murder took place, wait, it smells like, yep, strawberries. That must be the toddler soap~ Yes, my friend, people are pigs.

This is going to be work, and a lot of it!

All the blinds are flipped in every direction. Rugs are thrown about endlessly and balloons in the ceiling fans? None of this counts as “Extra Cleaning” they didn’t stain anything but wow. The ceiling fans are 20 feet in the air and now have balloons around them, this is going to be a challenge. And, if this is what every renter is like, you need to step up your game plan. You are going to need help before the reviews are “Nice place for a circus.”.

This is why we have made up a great checklist for you, before the circus comes to town, prepare yourself with these things (And, maybe they won’t call the elephants “service animals.”, just saying.)!

1. Get That Professional Cleaning Company Hired!

This will be worth every penny. These pros know exactly what to expect and come armed. People on vacation travel or regular travelers usually expect vacation rentals to maintain cleanliness standards akin to what's obtainable in full-service hotels without realizing that rental hosts do not enjoy the same full-time housekeeping crews as hotels. However, rental hosts can boost the quality of their service delivery to what is obtainable in hotels by hiring a team of expert cleaners to perform all-round cleanings in between bookings. With the number of professional cleaners on an increasing trajectory, it is now easier and affordable to hire a team of expert cleaners. If you decide to hire a team of expert cleaners, ensure they take care of the whole cleaning process. Areas you should look at include: the cleaning of dishes, vacuuming for rugs and carpets, making of beds, sweeping/mopping of floors, cleaning of bathtubs, toilets and showers as well as cleaning door handles, wiping countertops, and light switches. Don't forget to ensure they take out the trash as well as check for damages and even inform you on low inventory. Employing the services of expert cleaners will boost your cleaning scores on AirBnB, enhance your referral loop and boost your retention rate.

2. Hire a Professional Laundry Service

Having a professional laundry service for your Airbnb or VRBO can take the stress away of doing all linens yourself, or spending hundreds in getting new sets. With a simple google search, dozens of laundry services can pop up in your area. Many laundry services offer pickup and delivery from your location, or some offer drop-off services with free delivery. It is helpful to gather information on laundry services you search.

Laundry Care offers professional and reliable laundry service with flexible scheduling to increase your turns.

3. The Deep Cleanings are in Order!

Think about what is lurking under the fridge from the circus.. Although maintaining a clean and tidy ambience between checkouts will keep your rental units looking fresh most of the time, it is important you also arrange for Periodic Deep Cleanings too. While you may not always have to do this, it is necessary to do Periodic Deep Cleanings a number of times in a year. If you are employing the services of a professional cleaning firm for the short term, ask if (in addition to their basic service), they can do more in-depth cleaning. It is a good idea to engage the Company that already does your cleaning between bookings, for your rental unit’s deep cleaning. If you are thinking of Periodic deep cleaning, services you should automate include specialized cleaning of your appliances or bathrooms, Shampooing of carpets, deep cleaning of fridge and oven, cleaning of cabinet interiors, as well as wiping baseboards.

4. Don’t let them run out of Toilet Paper!

You like your towels, right? Don’t let your guest run short of toiletries. A vital aspect of ensuring guest satisfaction is maintaining a steady stock of toiletries and other supplies. It's easy to get caught up in a chain of activities that you forget to notice that toiletries and other supplies need replacement. A side benefit of engaging the services of a professional cleaning firm is that they help you keep tabs on toiletries and other supplies and inform you of what needs to be replaced before the next guest shows up. Automating this step can translate to positive reviews, return customers and higher referral rate.

5. Get Informed of Any Damage:

Damage like a hole in the wall can spread and get worse. Another side benefit of hiring the services of a vacation rental cleaning company is that you get notified of damages before they spread or become worse, or better still, before the next guest check-in. Allowing damages to spread and get worse because you do not notice them will not get you any positive reviews. On the reverse side, you are likely to get negative reviews from prospective guests.

At Laundry Care, we know how to extend the life of your clothes. Apart from the standard wash and fold, we also offer special services such as hand-washing, air drying and stain treatments. Just let us know of any special requests, and we’ll be more than happy to accommodate them.

To schedule a free laundry pickup, call us at 800-429-4332.

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