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How to Clean Your Purse or Handbag

Woman holding pink purse

ChapStick, tissues, McDonald’s toys, mints, random coins and crumpled receipts are just a few of the items that live in a woman’s purse. Suddenly searching for my keys becomes a quest for Holy Grail, taking up at least 10 minutes of my day. That’s why I decided to put a little organization to my purse and purge it from the unnecessary clutter.

After I emptied all the contents onto my counter, I noticed how dirty the inside of my purse was. With everything haphazardly thrown in I guess I didn’t notice the residue left behind. Before I could begin organizing my purse, I needed to clean it. Here’s what I did:


Emptied out all contents and turned the purse inside out. Shook out all debris into the trash can.


Made a mixture of 1 part white vinegar, 1 part hot water.


Used a rag, wiped the inside of the purse with the mixture.


Let the inside of the bag air-dry. If you can, turn it inside-out to dry faster.

For the Outside:

I used the same mixture in circular motions (I promise it will not smell like vinegar when it dries). My purse is a a brushed microfiber fabric exterior, with a lined cotton interior. It also has a faux leather strap and trim. If your handbag has any authentic leather, be sure to use a leather cleaning product and conditioner on those portions.

Now my purse is clean AND organized. We’ll see how long this lasts.


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