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How to Launder Delicate Clothing

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Delicate clothing items often require special wash and or drying methods to keep the item in good shape and make it last longer. That’s why it’s important to pay special attention to these items once laundry day comes around.

What items are (or may be) considered delicate?

  • items with metallic thread

  • items with beading

  • items with embroidery

  • knits & wool items

  • items made with silk or rayon

  • authentic sports jerseys

  • lace/ loose knits

  • some lingerie

If you're new to the laundry game, just know that, in time, you'll learn to distinguish these items just by touch. For now, it's best to be cautious and read the care tags whenever you're unsure!

Products to Use

For best results, use a mild detergent such as Woolite or something similar and cold water. For a more DIY type detergent, use 3/4 cup of borax or baking soda. You can find several other recipes online if that’s what you prefer. We really find it useful to have actual Woolite on hand in my laundry product arsenal.

You could use a touch of liquid fabric softener with certain fabrics to relax the fibers and add a fresh scent. Just be careful. Read the tag or you can even google the fabric content to be certain you're using compatible products.


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To process these items, use the delicate setting on your machine or simply wash by hand in the sink in cool water. If you're washing via machine, you may even want to use mesh wash bags (sometimes called lingerie or delicate bags) available at Walmart, Target, Amazon and even some grocery stores. Make sure they have a hidden zipper and use a separate mesh bag for each item. This helps minimize the agitation and spin of the machine and keeps items from potential snags. This is especially important for top loading machines with an agitator, but a smart measure with ALL machines, to be safe.


We recommend air drying or use the lowest setting on your dryer. Heavy fabrics or knits should lay flat on a towel to dry. Whereas most of the lighter, thin fabrics will dry better on hangers.

When in Doubt, READ the Label

Most delicates have very detailed instructions and recommendations available right on the tag. Take the time to read it. You'll save yourself a lot of trouble that way.


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