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How to Save A Shrunken Sweater

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So you shrunk your favorite sweater...what are you going to do? Don’t worry, there’s hope for your cozy, winter friend.

Supplies needed:

Baby Shampoo (or gentle conditioner)

Warm water

Bucket (or bathtub)

Clothes pins (or heavy objects)


Time to Unshrink Your Sweater

  1. Fill a bucket or your bathtub with WARM water. Not scorching hot water - warm to the touch.

  2. Add the Baby Shampoo or Conditioner. Use a good amount (about ¼ cup per gallon of water). Stir it around so that it makes a nice, cloudy mixture.

  3. Soak your sweater for 30 minutes or more. Like tangles in your hair, the mixture will loosen the fabric and make them stretchable but not breakable.

  4. Take the sweater out and remove the excess water. DO NOT WRING YOUR SWEATER. Press the sweater against the sides of your tub or sink to get rid of the extra water. You want the sweater damp….not dripping wet.

  5. Lay the sweater out on a dry towel.

  6. Let the stretching begin! Carefully stretch your sweater back to shape by pulling the outer edges. Use clothes pins or heavy objects to keep the stretch in place.

  7. Air dry your sweater…..48 hours and voila! Your sweater is back to normal, mostly.

Things to note:

  • Learn from your mistakes and always check labels before washing or drying items.

  • This process might need to be repeated a few times until your garment has been truly restored

  • you could also wear your sweater in the tub and soak with it on, pulling to the original shape. Pour yourself a glass of wine and now you and your sweater are relaxing. Two birds!

  • You obviously do not understand how to do laundry and therefore should call Laundry Care


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