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Philly Gets a Free-Pass on Laundry Day

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Your weekly to-do list just got shorter! Laundry Care laundry service is in Philadelphia, giving residents and businesses a clean-break from laundry. If you’ve never experienced the convenience of mobile laundry service you’re in for a treat. How it works is you create an account online with your address and contact information. From there you gain access to Laundry Care’s online ordering portal where you can schedule a pickup and delivery day/time. Your dirty laundry is picked up right at your doorstep and delivered clean and folded/hung 2 days later. All of this for one low rate of $35 per bag.

Woman holding colorful stack of folded laundry

Mobile Laundry Service in Philadelphia

The BEST thing about Philadelphia's Laundry Care wash and fold service is that you don’t even need to leave your home. Laundry Care comes to you! We cover most of Philadelphia, beyond the city center, and have times available from Monday through Sunday. When our driver arrives for pickup they’ll retrieve your dirty laundry from the specified location outside your home, most often a front porch. You don’t have to worry about missing your scheduled time because an email reminder is sent to you the night before. After your laundry has been thoroughly cleaned, we’ll deliver it to you folded or on hangers, ready to be put away.

  • FREE pickup from your home or office

  • Secure and contactless

  • Laundry delivered 1 to 2 days after pickup

  • Clean laundry folded or hung according to your preferences

Your Laundry, Your Preferences

Your laundry is unique and a one-size fits all approach is not how we’ll care for your items. You can include order preferences from how you want your items to be folded to what types of products you like best. We want your experience to be as if you had cleaned your clothes at home!

Some of the many preference options include:

  • Folding, hanging, and organization

  • Fragranced or Hypoallergenic products

  • Water and drying temperatures

  • Automatic, recurring pickups or only when you need the laundry done

Use the Laundry Care Mobile App

Getting laundry done and off your to do list in Philadelphia is even easier than ordering a pizza from Dominos. Just download the app, sign in to schedule your next laundry pickup, view order history and even track your order progress from pickup to delivery.

How to Get Laundry Done in Philadelphia

  1. SIGN-UP: Create an account on our website and download the Laundry Care mobile app available in the App Store and on Google Play.

  2. SCHEDULE: Select a day/time for your pickup & delivery from the available list.

  3. PICK-UP & DELIVERY: We’ll pick up your laundry on time and bring it back clean, fresh and folded.

Getting Ready for Pickup Day

Our service is built on convenience and that starts before we even get to your home! To get ready for laundry pick up all you need is a trash bag or two. Place your dirties in the bag(s), no sorting needed, and secure it closed. We’ll take care of the sorting and clean your darks, lights, delicates in separate loads and according to your cleaning preferences.


Ready to Schedule Your Laundry Pickup?

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