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Why Laundry Service is a MUST for your AirBnB

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When AirBnB showed up a decade ago, technology prognosticators couldn't tell if the startup was going to have much impact on the hospitality industry or even be sustainable over the long run. A decade after, and AirBnB has radically impacted the hospitality industry. Since its inception, the company has focused on alleviating the accommodation costs of travelers looking to lease short term accommodation such as holiday cottages, hostel beds (or hostel rooms), or reduced costs for tourists.

A lot of revenue has flowed in for the company but it hasn't been the only one to share in the financial gains that have accrued. Although AirBnB has played a major role in the hospitality industry, the company doesn't own any real estate nor does it conduct any tours. However, it also comes with extra costs to operate services and receives commissions from bookings done on it’s platforms.

With about four million lodging listings in over sixty five thousand cities across a hundred and ninety one countries, the company has created a source of revenue for a new segment that have come to be Known as AirBnB Hosts. Although AirBnB Hosts have counted a lot of profit from their affiliation with the company, just like any business arrangement, there are often challenges to deal with, costs to keep to a minimum and improvements to make. A very important consideration for your AirBnB is commercial laundry. When guests fill a booking on the AirBnB platform, they have certain expectations. Some of which include clean and comfortable sheets, as well as fresh and pristine towels. Amidst the many tasks of a host is the responsibility of maintaining pristine sheets and clean towels. Commercial laundry companies offer services that can shield you from the effects of negative publicity, by helping maintain your linens in top-notch quality at fairly affordable prices. Why is commercial laundry a must for your AirBnB?

1. Positive Ratings:

In the short term rental business, a good image is everything. One disappointed customer may translate to one bad review. And since people are usually cautious of a service that has received bad reviews, you can imagine what the negative feedback of one disgruntled customer can do to your business. One bad review can put your business on a downward trajectory. To avoid the risk of your business taking a downturn due to negative reviews, you should give premium attention to your laundry. You must build a reputation for comfortable, clean and receptive experience. Outsourcing your laundry to a commercial wash and fold service can save you the negative publicity that accompanies a frayed towel or soiled sheets.

2. Professional Expertise:

Commercial laundry services give premium attention to the details that make for pristine sheets and clean towels. The requirements of properly managing sheets and towels can be long and expensive. Without the services of a commercial laundry firm, you would need high-quality heavy duty washers, pressers, dryers, and other equipment to match the quality of a commercial laundry service. Not to talk of the cost of finding and hiring more skilled workers to man these machines and handle the extra workload. A commercial laundry service helps you alleviate these costs. They also ensure that your linens and towels are in good quality. Engaging the services of a commercial laundry firm means your sheets and towels are properly handled and meet the standards of your guests.

3. Care and Quality:

One of the worst damages that can be inflicted on a hospitality brand is negative publicity. This is because the effects of bad reviews are indelible. You cannot fix the damage done to your brand from mediocre service. One way to avoid negative publicity and provide premium service is to ensure the proper Washing, drying, pressing, and sorting of your sheets and towels. Done poorly, linens become lackluster, stains become indelible, and edges become frayed. Talk about the perfect recipe for mediocre service! Outsourcing your laundry to a commercial laundry service ensures your linens and towels are properly maintained, and remain in good quality for a long time.

4. Peace of Mind:

A mind at peace in a demanding business configuration is an invaluable asset. The role of an AirBnB host can be an arduous, demanding task that gets complicated by the rising demands of exquisite accommodation at lower prices. With the rising number of hosts on the AirBnB platform, you would want your service to stand out as well as do all you can to avoid negative feedback. Knowing your service is top-notch and that your linens are pristine, clean and in good quality reduces your headache. Now you can give full attention to broadening your impact and consolidating your reputation. Since a mind at peace is also a recipe for good health, you are enhancing good health when you engage the services of a commercial laundry company

Ready to take laundry off your list and increase your VRBO or Airbnb revenue? Laundry Care can help!


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