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Yes...New Clothes Need to be Washed Before Wearing!

Racks of clothes are all overfilled with varieties of colors. You pick out a beautiful blouse that is just what you have been looking for and immediate excitement fills you. You purchase your blouse and wear it that very evening. The excitement from today’s retail therapy quickly fades though as you realize you forgot to launder your blouse before putting it on and now you’re having an allergic reaction.

Why is this happening?!? Aren’t clothes clean off the rack??? The quick answer is NO. The clothes are new but still need to be washed.

Why should you wash your new clothes?

Loose dye transfer

One reason why it is important to wash your clothes is the dye transfer. By washing your clothes you are removing any extra dye that remains in the clothes. Once you wash your clothes check the rinse water after washing and if the dye is in the water simply wash again till all the color is gone.


When you buy a new piece of clothing there are chemicals on that piece of garment and many of those chemicals can be harmful. New clothes typically go through a process of treatment that includes several harsh chemicals used to keep them pristine on the rack (and after many trials in fitting rooms). When you clean your newly bought clothes you are reducing the number of these chemicals and returning the fabric to it’s natural state. If you don't wash your clothes it can possibly lead to skin irritation and rashes from these chemicals.


Lastly, why you should always wash your new clothes is the bacteria on them. When you get your new clothes you're not the first ones to wear them. In the store, many people have worn your clothing before. Lice and Scabies can even be transferred from your “new” clothes due to the person who tried them on. Scientists have found skin and fecal bacteria to also be on clothes in stores. Avoid this unpleasant situation by cleaning your new threads on the highest possible temperature allowed per care instructions.

How to properly wash new clothes:

  1. Check the washing labels on items to see if there is anything specific you need to wash them or a way to wash them.

  2. Separate the clothes into reds and white and load one pile into the washing machine.

  3. Make sure not to overload the clothes, not let them sit in the washer after the cleaning, and wash at a colder temperature.

  4. Dry the items on a low heat setting to protecting the items from damage.


Let Laundry Care laundry service get your new clothes clean and ready for the closet!

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