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How to Fold Laundry to Save Closet and Drawer Space

Person organizing folded clothes

Do you just pile up your clothes and throw them in the drawer?

Do you just find it more convenient to hang clothes than fold them?

Does all of this frustrate you because now you can't find anything to wear?

Well, I am sure you must have answered all of those questions with such an assured "YES" nod that now you are having neck pain. We all are sailing in the same boat fellas! In fact not sailing but our boat is sinking because we are in the sea of clothes.

No matter how old a person grows up or how mature he/she becomes, there are certain tasks that just seem too hectic to perform. Folding clothes is one of them. Every time the new fresh laundry day arrives, and you can smell the suds in the air but damn! Do we hate that one thing! And that one thing is to fold those clean clothes and placing them in their designated spaces.

So how can you make it easier? Here are some easy tips and tricks to fold up and space out some of your favorite clothing items!

Short/Long Sleeve Shirts

1. Fold your shirt in half by joining the ends of the sleeves.

2. Bring joint sleeves and fold them back to join them to the end of your shirt.

3. Now that your shirt is in a perfect rectangular shape, start folding from the upper side where you have the collar.

4. Fold the collar and join it to the end of the shirt, make one more half and repeat this step again.

5. You should have a small square by the end of this.

Quick Tip:

Now that you have properly folded all your shirts whether long sleeved or short, don't pile them up! You don't want to go stacking up and up and then ruffling through those stacks when you need something to wear. Instead, stack them like books in your drawer. Instead of vertical, opt for a horizontal stack and thank the genius in you later when your naked self finds the shirt on appropriate times of need.


1. Take one sock and roll it up to fist size.

2. Place it inside the other one.

3. Give a final roll and bring it together to a fist size.

4. By the end of it, you should have a little sock dumpling.

Quick Tip:

Seriously, this method will save you from the numerous breakups your pairs of socks have had in the past.


1. Fold it in half so the two side ends meet.

2. Give another fold so that the top and bottom end meet.

3. By the end of it, you should have a small underwear square.

Quick Tip:

Take a small shoe box and file your undies so that you create ample space as well you can easily sort them in boxes according to color, quality or brand whatever you may prefer.

Jeans and Shorts

Fold jeans 3 times. First, fold in half matching the left leg with the right leg. Then in half again matching the hem to the waist. Finally, match the folded edge to the waist.

Fold shorts two times. First, fold in half matching the left leg with the right leg. Then in half again matching the hem to the waist.

Quick Tip:

Create space in your drawer and don't ever hang your heavy jeans and break your hangers.

Sweaters and Sweatshirts

1. Fold the sweater inwards into a rectangle.

2. Fold in half.

3. Give it one more fold.

Quick Tip:

Sweatshirts and sweaters are made of delicate fabric, therefore, use good laundry fresheners to keep the fabric light and fresh.

Next time on laundry day just don't just toss your clothes in drawers. Instead put in earphones and a good song to go with and enjoy folding your laundry.


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